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What's coming up at Sprinkles HQ?

Loads!!! Yip, theres loads going on at Sprinkles, over and above keeping you lot happily fed with delicious-ness.

On Saturday, I'm delivering a huge cupcake order to my Bijoux Bridal babes in Hamilton to celebrate their first birthday in their STUNNING flagship store.

Sunday is a biggie...its the finals for the 2019 Confetti Wedding Awards. My lovely Sprinkles-lovers have nominated me and secured my place in the finalists for the 3rd time, now its all on me. I've to attend the Showcase on Sunday morning, where I will be judged on 3 different cake flavours and my ability to blether! Should be OK! Then its the big PARTY on Sunday night! Can't wait to get the sparkly shoes on.

Next week is another busy one with orders, but theres a little something extra in the pipeline.... all will be revealed soon xx




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